[Gimp-developer] gimp-plugin profiling


this is my first post in this mailing list ever, I am developer of few C-based plugins for gimp, but overall I am not professional developer. Now I have a question about profiling of plugins.

I have some experiences with debugging a plugin with valgrind, but now I would like to get an output like provided by gprof. The purpose is to try to speed up a plugin. So I need to identify and measure top functions by their CPU time usage.

I tried to google but almost to no avail. So what tool should be best for it? Is it possible to make gprof work with gimp plugin - this tools seems to be very easy to use, so I would be fine with it.


PS: this is not a question but right now I found that if I compile plugin with limit 1 thread only and then with limit 2 threads, the CPU time goes up by about 42 %. Of course real time (that is important from user's perspective) goes down by 10%, but it is ONLY 10 %. So this behaviour is another reason why I would like to know what is going on during processing...

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