Re: [Gimp-developer] about that student work...

On 07.06.2013 12:55, peter sikking wrote:

Hi peter,

of course I can do this design, and that includes addressing
both user needs and developer needs.

nice to hear from you.

but I do not want to have the same disappointing experience of
SoC as I had in the last few years.

in particular, I do not want to be confronted by either student
or technical mentor with the following:

- I did not expect the UI was going to be like this,

This is, I'd say, expected - if everyone knew how a particular UI would have to be like, it would just be done that way.

   so now we have a problem;

I'm not sure how to read this correctly. After going over your mail multiple times, it seems more and more likely that this is meant as a caption for the following points, I'm going to read it as such.

- the back-end is already fixed. no, we are not going to change it;

Entirely valid.

- I never thought about that, so forget it;

Same, IMO. Also see the last point.

- first we going to put in some provisional UI, later we do your design

This, however, puzzles me a bit. I'll exaggerate to describe my confusion:

This means that no sign of any non-finished UI might become available to the public through GIMP code. The developers working on it would do so under conditions which border on an NDA, and only commit code to the public repositories once the UI has been completely finished.

these are not just demands, it also comes with taking more
responsibility from the design side, basically co-mentorship.

Going back to GSoC, and taking the limited time frame of the program into account, how is the sheer inability to finish the UI due to time constraints to be taken into account?

when UI is compromised to make it happen, it better be compromised
by the designer, who can see _all_ the dimensions.

Just one thing there:
The issue of what communication channels to use has not been solved yet. You have mentioned that you prefer not to use low-width channels like mail or IRC, but what should be used instead?

this is an invitation to start working again...

I'm delighted to read that.


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