[Gimp-developer] Export all (was: Gimp Export Properties Not Preserved)

Jason Simanek writes:
Another Idea! A feature that Photoshop doesn't have (outside of
creating an Action): an "Export all open files" dialog could be
pretty great. Allowing you to set – like DBP – the quality
properties and destination directory all at once to export all open
files. That would be AWESOME.

That is such a good idea that I wanted to dive in right away and
write it.

But unfortunately I have too many things on my plate right now and I
can't write the whole thing. So instead, I wrote a skeleton for it.
It brings up an ugly dialog showing all the open images with their
filenames and full pathnames, and a toggle button so you can disable
saving/exporting for that particular image. You can also edit the
filename to change the extension -- e.g. if the filename comes up
as foo.xcf, you can change it to .jpg and export it that way.
Any images that are exported will be marked clean (so you don't
get a nag screen when you exit).

Obviously this isn't the nice full-featured plug-in you had in mind,
but it implements the basics so anyone can add to it, and I'm hoping
people will. Make the dialog pretty, add proper file choosers, add
parameters like the jpeg quality, whatever you think it needs! So,
anyone who wants an "Export all" plug-in, please add the features
you want and send patches.

It's on GitHub:


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