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Hi Tejas

On Mon, Feb 18, 2013 at 01:40:13AM +0530, Tejas Nikumbh wrote:
Based on the above info, are there any projects at gimp which might suit me?

It's perhaps best if you look at GIMP's source code and our immediate
"roadmap" and tell us what you want to do. See:

Also, Picking up something reasonable quickly shouldn't be a problem.

GIMP and GEGL are large codebases and even existing developers cannot
quickly do something in them.  Our goal is to have students learn
GIMP/GEGL while they contribute a particular feature and stay on as
developers. An ideal outcome would be if the student becomes interested
in computer graphics programming, and becomes confident enough to
explore and write code inside GIMP, GEGL and other similar free
software. I think this is Google's intent in running the GSoC programme
too; prepare students so they can work on real world codebases.

The students who have done well the last GSoCs are still around and
contribute code. In fact, they are "us".

What I suggest for you is: first think whether graphics programming is
something that interests you enough outside university coursework. Try
using GEGL and GIMP. Compile them on your computer. Try poking the code,
changing things slightly and rebuilding. Look at what we want to do on
our wiki. Ask us questions that you may have.


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