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Does the official version you have include ufraw-gimp? If not, can you move ufraw-gimp out of the plug-ins folder and retry the tiff file and let me know if you have issues.

The ufraw plugin tries to do the following:

   /* if UFRaw fails on jpg/jpeg or tif/tiff then open with GIMP */
   if (uf == NULL) {
       if (!strcasecmp(filename + strlen(filename) - 4, ".jpg") ||
               !strcasecmp(filename + strlen(filename) - 5, ".jpeg")) {
           if (loadThumbnail)
               *return_vals = gimp_run_procedure2("file_jpeg_load_thumb",
                                                  nreturn_vals, nparams, param);
               *return_vals = gimp_run_procedure2("file_jpeg_load",
                                                  nreturn_vals, nparams, param);
       } else if (!strcasecmp(filename + strlen(filename) - 4, ".tif") ||
                  !strcasecmp(filename + strlen(filename) - 5, ".tiff")) {
           if (!loadThumbnail)
               *return_vals = gimp_run_procedure2("file_tiff_load",
                                                  nreturn_vals, nparams, param);
           else {
               /* There is no "file_tiff_load_thumb".
                * The call to "file_ufraw_load" will handle the thumbnail */
               /* Following is another solution for tiff thumbnails
               GimpParam tiffParam[3];
               tiffParam[0].type = GIMP_PDB_INT32;
               tiffParam[0].data.d_int32 = GIMP_RUN_NONINTERACTIVE;
               tiffParam[1].type = GIMP_PDB_STRING;
               tiffParam[1].data.d_string = filename;
               tiffParam[2].type = GIMP_PDB_STRING;
               tiffParam[2].data.d_string = filename;
               *return_vals = gimp_run_procedure2 ("file_tiff_load",
                       nreturn_vals, 3, tiffParam);
       } else {

BTW, when I started this thread, I explicitly stated that I was reporting the issue with gimp from git. I guess I should have mentioned that it was the master branch (2.9.1). :(


On Sun, Apr 21, 2013 at 12:06 PM, Cristian Secară <liste secarica ro> wrote:
În data de Sun, 21 Apr 2013 08:10:31 -0400, Partha Bagchi a scris:

> Note that gimp-2.9 crashes I am talking about usually happens when
> you try to open a 16-bit TIFF.

Hmm ...
I loaded at random a 16 bit tiff image.

Case A - your 2.8.4 portable version, drop the tiff file over the design
- a GIMP Message box tells me that my file is unsupported file format
- if I just click OK, the popup box close and nothing else happens
- if I try to move that box with the mouse, then a Windows error box
(title bar: Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library) tells me that "This
application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual
way, blah, blah."; another Windows error box tells me that
ufraw-gimp.exe no longer works
- after closing the last Windows error box, a single GIMP Message error
box tells me that (1) the plugin ufraw-gimp.exe has crashed / GIMP
restart is recommended and (2) opening of my image has failed
- GIMP remains open, with blank drawing space

If I drop the tiff file over the toolbox area, the single difference is
that the last (1) and (2) GIMP error messages are shown each in
separate error boxes.

Case B - the official 2.8.4 installed version, either drop method:
- a GIMP Message tells me this sting "Warning:\n
The image you are loading has 16 bits per channel. GIMP can only handle
8 bit, so it will be converted for you. Information will be lost"
- GIMP remains open, with the desired image on it, reduced to 8 bit;
I can continue to work on it, if so desired


Cristian Secară
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