[Gimp-developer] Possible issue regarding the Paint Tools


As regards to GIMP 2.8, in the Tool Options dialog shared by all the
Paint Tools, there seems to be an oddity affecting the Size widget.
Precisely, the relevant value is not updated when changing the active
brush through the Brushes dialog, whereas it is supposed to
automatically match the native size of the currently selected brush
In particular, as default setting and accordingly at the beginning of
each GIMP session,  the size value is always set to 20.00, no matter
what is the specific brush chosen as the default, so the only way to
obtain the correct size consists in clicking the Reset button placed
alongside the slider every time you pick a diverse brush.
Does this behavior have to be considered a bug or, on the contrary,
has it been implemented as a new feature on purpose?

Thanks in advance for any clarification.

Gino D

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