Re: [Gimp-developer] 2GB limit on Resource Consumption: Tile cache size

On 17 September 2012 20:23, Elle Stone <l elle stone gmail com> wrote:
> While making changes to "Edit/Preferences/Environment, Resource
> Consumption: Tile cache size", I noticed a warning when I tried to
> increase the cache size to 2 gigabytes, or 2048 megabytes (terminal
> output, Gimp 2.9, started from the command line):
> (gimp-2.9:3518): GLib-GObject-WARNING **: value "-2147483648" of type
> `gint' is invalid or out of range for property `cache-size' of type
> `gint'
> If I set the cache size to 2047 megabytes, there is no warning. If I
> set the cache size to more than 2048 megabytes, the
> 'GLib-GObject-WARNING **: value' gets correspondingly larger.
> I only have 4 GB of ram on my computer, but I have successfully given
> more than 2GB to other image editing programs. A lot of people have
> computers with way more than 4GB of ram. Would it make any practical
> difference to be able to use more than 2GB of ram for the tile cache
> when using Gimp? It seems odd to be limited to less than 2GB for the
> tile cache size, solely because the type is gint.

It is probably this issue:

Jon Nordby -

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