Re: [Gimp-developer] Gimp suggestions and maybe a bug

On Sun, Sep 9, 2012 at 1:11 PM, user23 wrote:
> Hello , leave suggestions for the good Gimp
> - clone tool mode optionally work like photoshop, first select target
> (instead source), then we move mouse cursor on various areas and we have
> real time preview on target area.

Well, at least you explained the nature of the feature. Not everyone
referring to Photoshop does that :)

> - when save/export a photo that have exif/iptc/xmp tags if we save/export to
> formats that do not support tags is useful open a warning window that notify
> this situation every time to user for default (optionally deselectable from
> settings), tell something like this "warning: your photo/file have .. Tags
> but your selected saving format do not support tags, all tags will be lose.
> if you overwrite your file all tags are erased"

That sounds a bit like the return of the warnings hell :)

> - extend preserve write exif/iptc/xmp tags support to TIFF format (and/or
> another lossless format).
> Tiff already support exif/iptc/xmp tags, for example Xnview preserve/write
> tags on tiff (but probably also other free tools). maybe ask xnview
> developer if want donate tiff writing code and contribute with gimp :)

Dude, free software is not entirely helpless, there no need to go for
that. We already use Exiv2 in GEGL for things, so maybe we could hook
up to work on metadata as well. Patches are welcome (from anyone).

> - batch processing tool that support also installed external plugins
> features

You mean like the existing BIMP plug-in?

Alexandre Prokoudine

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