Re: [Gimp-developer] Re : Feedback from an ordinary user

On Thu, 29 Nov 2012 06:13:05 +0300, Alexandre Prokoudine wrote:
> On Thu, Nov 29, 2012 at 6:41 AM, Robert Krawitz wrote:
>> All right, let's stop this nonsense.
> After reading that I honestly expected that it's going to end at...
>> You have every right to do what you please with GIMP.
> But no, it hasn't :)
>> You've gone out of your way to try to force everyone...
> Who are you and what have you done to Robert Krawitz, developer of
> Gutenprint? Show me where you buried his bones. I'd like to pay the
> last tribute to a great mind that succumbed to the nonsensical notion
> that free software developers can or wish to enforce anything on
> anybody.


>> If I
>> open a JPEG file and want to save it back out as a JPEG, I know what I'm
>> doing.  Maybe you don't think so, but I do.  These are not "projects".
>> They're quick and dirty one-offs.  I use GIMP because I know it.  I
>> don't want to go through the bother of learning a different tool just to
>> edit images I don't want to turn into full-blown projects.  It's not
>> efficient.
> And you don't have to. Overwrite and be done with it. You'll have to
> find a good explanation why I cut about a hundred of screenshots
> yesterday (basically, open, crop, overwrite - nothing fancier) without
> yelling at GIMP. After all, isn't that exactly the kind of simple
> editing for which people are reluctant to learn a new tool? Could it
> be that I'm used to closing images in a batch of 20 images or so? :)

In what format?

> I can see how dealing with the warning dialog at the closing step
> could be a wee bit annoying for someone who works om many _heavy_
> images (which means lots of memory used by GIMP), _and_ I publicly
> said that better ideas are welcome (at least by me). Now, don't
> pretend you didn't read it. You did. And so far I've mostly seen "just
> gimme a goddamn option" kind of reaction, with few (admirable)
> exceptions.

Maybe because people really, really want an option to at least just save
back to the original file or original format without any nagging?

> Noone said it isn't possible to tweak few things within the project's
> vision. In fact we already tweaked some of them to meet requests from
> users. Does
> ring a bell? What about

Neither of these address what I (and many others) see as the real
problem.  I want a workflow where I can open a JPEG file, edit it, and
save it right back without having to go through a dialog, and where I'll
get warned if I try to exit or close the image without saving it back.
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