Re: [Gimp-developer] Re : Feedback from an ordinary user

On Thu, Nov 29, 2012 at 6:41 AM, Robert Krawitz wrote:

> All right, let's stop this nonsense.

After reading that I honestly expected that it's going to end at...

> You have every right to do what you please with GIMP.

But no, it hasn't :)

> You've gone out of your way to try to force everyone...

Who are you and what have you done to Robert Krawitz, developer of
Gutenprint? Show me where you buried his bones. I'd like to pay the
last tribute to a great mind that succumbed to the nonsensical notion
that free software developers can or wish to enforce anything on

> If I
> open a JPEG file and want to save it back out as a JPEG, I know what I'm
> doing.  Maybe you don't think so, but I do.  These are not "projects".
> They're quick and dirty one-offs.  I use GIMP because I know it.  I
> don't want to go through the bother of learning a different tool just to
> edit images I don't want to turn into full-blown projects.  It's not
> efficient.

And you don't have to. Overwrite and be done with it. You'll have to
find a good explanation why I cut about a hundred of screenshots
yesterday (basically, open, crop, overwrite - nothing fancier) without
yelling at GIMP. After all, isn't that exactly the kind of simple
editing for which people are reluctant to learn a new tool? Could it
be that I'm used to closing images in a batch of 20 images or so? :)

I can see how dealing with the warning dialog at the closing step
could be a wee bit annoying for someone who works om many _heavy_
images (which means lots of memory used by GIMP), _and_ I publicly
said that better ideas are welcome (at least by me). Now, don't
pretend you didn't read it. You did. And so far I've mostly seen "just
gimme a goddamn option" kind of reaction, with few (admirable)

Noone said it isn't possible to tweak few things within the project's
vision. In fact we already tweaked some of them to meet requests from
users. Does
ring a bell? What about

Alexandre Prokoudine

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