Re: [Gimp-developer] Patch and build for the save/export issue

On 23.11.2012, at 08:44, Alberto Mardegan <mardy users sourceforge net> wrote:

> Why are you excluding JPEG files? That is the most commonly used format
> by photographers, among whom are most of the users who dislike the new
> behaviour.

I excluded JPEG mostly because I wanted to calm down developers and I shared their concerns about JPEG being a lossy file format....

> So, I'm afraid that your proposed change wouldn't help them (certainly
> not me).

... but the longer I think about this issue, the more I agree with you. JPEG is in fact the most common used format by photographers (well, besides shooting RAW). So I'll change my patch and build a new version which will allow all non-XCF files with only one layer to be saved via File - Save.

Simone Karin

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