[Gimp-developer] Patch and build for the save/export issue

Hi everybody,

this all seems to become a more and more controversial discussion. But, IMO, argueing more and more heatedly brings us to  nowhere.

I can fully understand all developers who care about preventing data loss. I do care too.

I can fully understand all users who get used to the 'traditional way'. I got used to it too.

So here's what I did.

I've written a patch which tries to prevent data loss as far as possible but still gives you some of the traditional behavior back. A binary package can be downloaded (Mac OS X only with all previously included 3rd party plugins)

This is the new behavior

a) Non-XCF non-JPEG images with only 1 layer can be saved via 'File - Save' with the original file format. The dirty flag is cleaned and so there's no dialog about unsaved changes if you close it after saving. 

After exporting them, the image title and file name is not changed, so that you can repeatedly save it as long as there is only 1 layer.

This is basically the same as 'Overwrite' 

b) For all other images - images with 2 or more layers, JPEGs, XCF, newly created ones - nothing is changed. Saving them will  create a XCF

c) Save as / Export / Export to / Overwrite are not changed.

This should prevent data loss as far as possible while still allowing the most mentioned user scenario: opening - destructive editing in place - saving.

Feel free to try it to see it in action, hoping this will help to settle the quarrel.

The patch is attached. Here's the download link: http://switch.dl.sourceforge.net/project/gimponosx/GIMP%20Mountain%20Lion/Gimp-2.8.2-savex-MountainLion.dmg

Simone Karin

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