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> > 4) *Layer Selection Bug: *I don't know if this is a bug or not, but whenver
> > I have two layers, and I press "Move Layer", I can move one layer but I
> > can't select the layer I am moving.
> I am not sure I understand - please describe the exact sequence of what
> you think should happen, and what does happen, like this:
> [[
> 1. I press the "move" icon in the toolbox.
> The image pointer changes to a cross made of four arrows.
> 2. I click on a part of the image in a non-active layer and drag to move
> it.
> The layer is moved.
> 3. The active layer remains unchanged
> I would like the most recently moved layer to become active.
> ]]
> Is that what you are asking for?

I think there could be two things here:

1 - Whether the Move tool is currently set to "pick a layer or guide" or "move active layer" in its tool options.  If it's currently set to "move active layer" then it won't let you select which layer gets moved when you click and drag and it will only ever move the current layer.  Set it to "pick a layer or guide" and then GIMP will select+move whatever layer you click on with the tool.  I personally find this to be the more intuitive behavior so I have the tool's options saved that way.  Also note that this toggle switch is associated with the Shift key, so you can switch between them at any time depending on your needs at that specific time.  E.g. if you have a Multiply layer on top of the one you're wanting to move, you'll definitely want to be using the "move active layer" mode because otherwise when you click it will select the Multiply layer instead of the one you wanted to move.

2 - Using the "Move" tool to click on a layer and make it the active layer.  This is actually a configurable option, go to your Edit > Preferences > Tool Options, look for an option called "[Move tool] sets layer or path as active".  I believe this is off by default, but if you switch it on then you can use the Move tool to switch between layers by clicking on them inside the image area (instead of from the layer list).  I also find this personally more intuitive, though the cost is it can make it tricky to access a specific layer if they overlap or blend in complex or unusual ways.

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