[Gimp-developer] Feedback from an ordinary user

Hello everyone,

First of all, I want to thank all developers for making this great program GIMP.

And I have some improvement suggestions about GIMP.

(you don't have to respond them, and I am not searching support either)

1) a more simple and clear GIMP website: I think GIMP download section could be much simple, for example the user guides in different languages seem to overshadow the actual download link. In all , the download button is huge and clear. Even to subscribe to this mail list, I had to go to IRC and ask for a link. Maybe it's easy for developers, but I think the website should be also understandable for newbies like me.

2) Create New Image Preview: Sometimes I have no data about the image pixels, and I simple want to work on my own, but I have to give data to image size each time, to see the actual size. It would be nice to see a preview whenever I enter directly, and not trying back and forth.

3) Select None Button Shortcut in Toolbox: It's an important button after finishing the task and It should be present in Toolbox shortcuts. There are much unimportant shortcuts present in toolbox, so I see no reason why it should not be there.

4) Layer Selection Bug: I don't know if this is a bug or not, but whenver I have two layers, and I press "Move Layer", I can move one layer but I can't select the layer I am moving. Also, I can't pick color from a layer if it's not selected from layer menu.

5) Text Color: Why are there seperate color pick for paintbrush and text. It irritates the user. The text input color should be chosen from the same paintbrush color in my opinion.

6) Combine Save As and Export buttons:  Click Save As and, save as jpg, is not possible. I think Save As and Export serve the same purpose and can be combined.

Thank you very much for taking your time. Please do not send me answers, because these are only suggestions and it's up to you if you consider them in the next update or not.

Ali Carikcioglu
Istanbul, Turkey

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