Re: [Gimp-developer] Overlay Mode - fix.

On Wed, Nov 14, 2012 at 8:57 AM, Paul Geraskin <paul_geraskin mail ru> wrote:
> [11:46] <boud> so krita gives people a choice: choose to work in linear rgb,
> or not
> [11:48] == home [~home@unaffiliated/home] has joined #krita
> [11:48] <mifth> interesting..
> [11:48] <boud> it also means you can easily experiment with the differences
> in krita :-)
> [11:49] <mifth> where can be switching to linear in Krita?
> [11:49] <Bugsbane> I've just updated to the latest version of
> Joomla and it's plugins. It should all work fine, but if anyone comes across
> anything weird, I'd appreciate hearing about it!
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> error: Connection reset by peer]
> [11:50] <boud> Bugsbane: ok!
> [11:50] <boud> mifth: image/convert image type, select an scRGB profile.
> [11:50] <mifth> boud: other question: Is it ok to mix layers with different
> modes without convertion to linear RGB?
> [11:51] <boud> yes, in krita it is
> [11:51] <mifth> cool
> [11:51] <boud> but afaik, krita is the only application that allows you to
> have layers of different color models
> [11:51] <mifth> thank you for talking
> [11:51] <mifth> i'll post it to Gimp mailing list
> [11:52] <boud> you're welcome
> [11:52] <boud> oyvind kolas (pippin) knows how krita works, btw, but he
> thinks we're doing it wrong by allowing the user that flexibility

The user will have the same flexibility in the GIMP/GEGL model, In
this model there is no working-space operations are happening, neither
global nor local per layer. In GEGL each GeglBuffer / layer might have
a different color model or precision for it's storage, It is the
operation that specifies the color space it is happening in. Which
means that sRGB based compositing or linear compositing is best done
with separate GEGL operations (and on the GIMP side layer-modes that
needs to be dealt well with wrt legacy/non-linear to avoid UI

/Øyvind K.

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