Re: [Gimp-developer] Targeted audience of GIMP?

Alexandre Prokoudine wrote:


"In the five days before this weekend, Ellen and Kamila had been
gathering vital raw material by performing workplace observation. Half
a dozen professionals in the field of photography and graphic design
were interviewed and observed on the job. These participants had been
selected based on the GIMP product vision."



Does it help?
Yes, thanks.
Personally I don't expect every single job out there to be listed. CG
industry seems to create a new kind of job every year, for instance.
I agree with you. I'm not in the CG industry, are you? To me it's sufficient and clearer to group them as Peter and his team already did.
Reading the product vision and the document 'GIMP 2.8 understanding UI
changes' I don't see a clear definition of that, but only two groups:
artists and scientists. Where are the non-professional artists and spare
time enthusiasts? I'm also missing a clearer definition of the expected
experience level. Only professionals seem to be addressed.
Are the other people not targeted? Clearing this as a part of the product
vision would be a big help to avoid misunderstandings.
This would be tricky. People can use professional workflows and not be
paid for the work they do.
In German we have the idiom of 'unprofitable art' and unfortunately this says a lot about payment for creatives for long ;-( It's understandable, that they'd like to have an affordable tool. I'd like to point out, that I don't see the less professional users targeted, like spare time enthusiasts They are appearantly a big part of the GIMP community, too. Like badly payed creatives not everybody of them can afford buying or renting an expensive commercial product. So I personally would regret if they are not targeted anymore.

IMHO many usability complaints are based on some ambiguities. Either the GIMP team didn't have a clear notion in the past who the users are and developed an allrounder, which became a hard to ride horse (I'm constructive-minded). Or otherwise the less professional users are not targeted and don't know about this - so they will feel targeted and of course feel overwhelmed by GIMP's complexity (To be fair: it's similar with Photoshop.) That's why I urge for clarifying this in the product vision.

Why is painting from scratch not a top level part of the product vision? Are we going to miss someone? AFAIK there are already many other (semi-)professional affordable photo tools for Linux (RawTherapee, Darktable, Digikam, Photivo?, AfterShot, Lightzone etc.) but there seem to be much less high-end painting apps (MyPaint, Krita?, Pinta?). Wouldn't there be a disbalance? Alexia, where are you ;-) ?

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