Re: [Gimp-developer] Feature request: Improve the Open file dialog thumbnails

În data de Sat, 19 May 2012 00:18:56 +0300, Ville Pätsi a scris:

> > The Windows Inkscape version uses Windows native file open and save
> > dialog, so some solution appears to exists already.
> It does use it, but that doesn't mean it works. Save as and export
> bitmap default to empty file names, not the current filename or a
> variation of it.

That's strange. I checked:
- opening Inkscape, either do noting and Save as..., or draw a garbage
and Save, will save for me with name "desen" (which probably on an
English system is "drawing") and the type drop list default to svg
- opening an existing file, Save as... keeps the original name and the
type drop list defaults to svg
- exporting the same defaults to \documents_path\name.png

> Also files that have different extensions aren't
> visible in the view, so you always have to start typing in the
> filename when you open the export dialog for the first time for a new
> document as you can't click on the svg file and just change the
> extension.

This is true, the export as bitmap dialog needs some improvement.

> These bugs didn't exist when Inkscape used the GTK+ file dialog, and
> have existed since migrating to the native dialog several years ago.
> My point is that the way Inkscape uses the Windows native file dialog
> should not be used as any kind of direction, guide or proof of concept
> for what could or should be done with GIMP.

Maybe it should not follow exactly, but as direction *this* is the
right direction, of course, excluding the limitations.

One thing that I am thinking at is that – for a proper native file
dialog – an xcf thumbnail view must be first implemented at OS level
(Explorer), not just part of the dialog itself (but I am not sure here).

Anyway, I hope that one day the native GIMP file dialog will be solved
somehow. Today I miss the ability to open a file on network, or I was
not able to find how.


Cristian Secară

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