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Alexandre Prokoudine wrote:
> 1)
> "In the five days before this weekend, Ellen and Kamila had been
> gathering vital raw material by performing workplace observation. Half
> a dozen professionals in the field of photography and graphic design
> were interviewed and observed on the job. These participants had been
> selected based on the GIMP product vision."
> 2)
> 3)
> Does it help?
Yes, thanks.
> Personally I don't expect every single job out there to be listed. CG
> industry seems to create a new kind of job every year, for instance.
I agree with you. I'm not in the CG industry, are you? To me it's sufficient and clearer to group them as Peter and his team already did.
>> Reading the product vision and the document 'GIMP 2.8 understanding UI
>> changes' I don't see a clear definition of that, but only two groups:
>> artists and scientists. Where are the non-professional artists and spare
>> time enthusiasts? I'm also missing a clearer definition of the expected
>> experience level. Only professionals seem to be addressed.
>> Are the other people not targeted? Clearing this as a part of the product
>> vision would be a big help to avoid misunderstandings.
> This would be tricky. People can use professional workflows and not be
> paid for the work they do.
In German we have the idiom of 'unprofitable art' and unfortunately this says a lot about payment for creatives for long ;-(  It's understandable, that they'd like to have an affordable tool. I'd like to point out, that I don't see the less professional users targeted, like spare time enthusiasts They are appearantly a big part of the GIMP community, too. Like badly payed creatives not everybody of them can afford buying or renting an expensive commercial product. So I personally would regret if they are not targeted anymore.

IMHO many usability complaints are based on some ambiguities. Either the GIMP team didn't have a clear notion in the past who the users are and developed an allrounder, which became a hard to ride horse (I'm constructive-minded). Or otherwise the less professional users are not targeted and don't know about this - so they will feel targeted and of course feel overwhelmed by GIMP's complexity (To be fair: it's similar with Photoshop.) That's why I urge for clarifying this in the product vision.

Why is painting from scratch not a top level part of the product vision? Are we going to miss someone? AFAIK there are already many other (semi-)professional affordable photo tools for Linux (RawTherapee, Darktable, Digikam, Photivo?, AfterShot, Lightzone etc.) but there seem to be much less high-end painting apps (MyPaint, Krita?, Pinta?). Wouldn't there be a disbalance? Alexia, where are you  ;-) ?

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I was a fairly accomplished user of Photoshop before I started using Linux and the GIMP.  I discoverd that the learing curve for using the GIMP is about the same as it was for learning Photoshop. Knowing Photoshop well prior to using the GIMP was both a blessing and a curse. I knew what I wanted to do, but had a lot of trouble with The GIMP because it was just enough like Photohsop to be confusing.  I finally gave in and bought a couple of books, they were a long time in coming, and finally have gotten the same mastery over the GIMP that I had over Photoshop. The GIMP does not do as many things as Photoshop does, but that is not really an issue for me, given that I no longer do professional artwork the way I was doing. I do believe however, that if I were a professional, I would be on the Mac OSX or Windows using Photoshop. There is just enough difference in the two packages to give Photoshop the edge for professional artists.

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