Re: [Gimp-developer] Is Tito worth merging? What should be done with it?

I'll just clarify a couple of things here:
but I'm not sure about the placement of the widget..
..I don't think the transparency is necessary either. 

Placement clearly is a preference. People might even want to change where Tito appears wrt what they're working on. So we've made it adjustable in the preferences. Similarly for transparency.

We've looked at HUD. You could say the mac help system also does something similar.
HUD works only based on the Unity's global menu.
And Gnome hasn't planned on developing something like the HUD yet.

Besides, the idea here is to tightly bond with the gimp so we can customize needs rather than leave it to the desktop environment. Even right now, Tito has gimp specific features that the HUD doesn't. (See specs). Tito has the potential to grow more useful than the HUD can be wrt gimp.

uses resources and increase the size of the application

Tito is quite light weight. Like the procedure browser... :)

On Tue, May 1, 2012 at 9:28 PM, gespertino gmail com <gespertino gmail com> wrote:
Oh, forgot to mention but it's important:
Ubuntu just released 12.04 with a new feature: HUD. It basically does
the same than TITO, but globally, with almost every application (GIMP
There's a risk of TITO becoming obsolete if distributions follow the
same path and implement a global menu search tool.
I guess that's something to be considered too. If GIMP includes TITO
and next year all the major linux distributions have something like
Ubuntu's HUD, then we'll have something redundant that uses resources
and increase the size of the application with no benefit at all.
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