Re: [Gimp-developer] Is Tito worth merging? What should be done with it?

It doesn't look bad at all, but I'm not sure about the placement of the widget.
It looks extremely useful for searching filters by name but maybe not
so useful for more direct tools (for instance. I'd never use TITO for
the rotate tool which is one click away in the toolbar).
My gut says that Tito should have a fixed place, visually grouped with
the menus it will make more accessible.
In the demo Tito appears in the top menu and IMO that's a good place
to have it, always visible. I wouldn't make it pop up elsewhere.
I don't think the transparency is necessary either. It looks fine over
the gray background but I wonder how much legibility will be
compromised when a complex artwork is in the background.

I'm not a developer, so my point of view is exclusively a user
opinion. If its code meets the quality standards expected by the core
team and doesn't break something else, I think it could be very useful
for finding plugins/scripts and operations hidden deep in the menu
For the rest of the tools I don't think it makes a difference, because
the time it saves is spent hovering one hand from the mouse to the
keyboard and back.

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