[Gimp-developer] Is Tito worth merging? What should be done with it?


Note: This is a little off from the topic of "Update on Tito" [1]; hence the new thread.
Is the menu search, aka 'Tito' good enough to be merged into the gimp?
(See [3] for list of features and [2] for a demo)

From the discussions with guiguru, it is quite apparent that Tito in its current help/explore form will be very useful.
We have however been unable to make those few changes (mac like interface) that he suggested. (See pitfalls in [3]). 

We don't think there is much more we can add/change in the menu search.
And we've fixed all known bugs.
Why not merge it and let the users explore it and maybe it will spur new ideas?

[1] Updates thread http://www.gimpusers.com/forums/gimp-developer/14142-an-update-on-the-menu-search
[2] Demo http://youtu.be/G0PuH1LFWhA?hd=1 
[3] Specs http://dl.dropbox.com/u/28366148/TITO-Specifications 
[4] Code  https://github.com/ssvz4/gimp-tito

Srihari Sriraman

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