Re: [Gimp-developer] An update on the menu search

On 12-03-27 10:50 AM, Srihari Sriraman wrote:
We've developed TITO further.
We're hoping to develop this further and build the command system...

It looks promising. It helps to find all features with a given key word but there still seems to be a bit of scrolling up/down the list which would seem to slow down the selection of functions/features.

One program that allows selection of operations via a command line interface and allows setting/changing of command parameters is Rhinocerus 3d. You can see a video of it at:

When using the program I select a few things from the menus, often use the icons I have on the screen, but I use the command line to invoke some common operations for which I know the name. I can type "SW", then tab which uses completion to turn that into "Sweep" followed by either a "1" or "2" depending on if I want a one or two rail sweep. All options for the sweep command are shown with keyboard shortcuts so it is very quick/easy to select an operation and set its parameters.

The one difference between what you have done so far and Rhino's use of a command line is that Tito is useful when you don't know the name of a command but Rhino's use is good when you know the name of a command.


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