[Gimp-developer] GSoC Questions

http://pippin.gimp.org/tmp/gegl-foo/ for some screen shots). Such a
tool that permits more direct manipulation and testing of the concepts
of GEGL (which is a processing graph of nodes) permits faster
developer feedback as well as making it easier to construct test cases
for verifying the behavior of GEGL - this is something that increases
in importance as GEGL is adopted for the core parts of GIMP.

/Øyvind K.

If I have the support of those in charge of GSoC, and this project would be appropriate for GSoC, I'll work on a detailed proposal outlining UI ideas, features, etc. My original intent was, as you said, for the tool to be useful in testing GEGL and designing independent meta-ops and perhaps eventually serve as a base for integration into GIMP.

I had an idea this morning and I'm curious what you all think of it. I fully understand the appeal of the simplified linear operation stack. The tricky thing is how GIMP might offer a more complicated node editor in addition to that so that users can perform more involved operations. One option is to simply force the user to stay within the complicated node editor once he/she has started playing around with it and once it can no longer be simplified into a linear stack. But this switching between the complex view and the linear simplified view could be avoided altogether; there could be, in the linear operation stack UI in GIMP, a "meta-op" operation which can be added. The user can "enter into" this meta-op component (e.g. with a double-click) and within it is a fully-featured box-and-hose editor. It can have decomposition and non-tree structures, as long as it has an input and an output, sort of how "groups" work in World Machine. It would let the user create a black-box operation of sorts which would fit nicely into the linear stack, but allow more control and more flexibility within itself. If someone wanted to work exclusively with a box-and-hose editor, he/she could just add a single meta-op operation to the stack and use nothing else, or the user could use a combination of the linear stack and the complicated node editor, or use no meta-ops and just use the linear stack, essentially mimmicking how GIMP is used now.

Did I explain that well?


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