Re: [Gimp-developer] GSoC Questions

Isaac Wagner wrote:

> My name is Isaac and I'm interested in participating in GSoC this year with GIMP. I was discussing project ideas in IRC the other day and I was pointed to this issue in bugzilla: For my proposal I would like to create a node-editor (similar to Unity's Shader Editor and World Machine 2),

as I have blogged here:


a boxes and hoses editor will never be the _main_ interaction
in GIMP for non-linear editing.

I certainly would hate to see it in any form (even experimentally)
be integrated in GIMP before the (the start of) the actual main
interaction is. doing this would send completely the wrong signal
to the whole user community what non-linear working in GIMP is
all about.

however, if we think a bit further, we can see that the interaction
that I am outlining in the blogpost is nothing more than an
organised version of the boxes and hoses graph.

starting work on that as a project would contribute to advancing
GEGL integration in GIMP.

> I would be interested in hearing from some other developers (it was pippin who my project could have potential) about whether this would actually be useful (and thus acceptable for GSoC) to GIMP and GEGL.

I can only really hope, that he meant that in the way I outlined
above. because the other way around it is a very good way to derail
interaction work on GIMP.


        founder + principal interaction architect
            man + machine interface works on interaction architecture

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