Re: [Gimp-developer] Python FU Scripting -- Memory Leak? or How to release python gimp objects properly to manage memory usage?

On 12-03-11 08:12 PM, Tom Vrankar wrote:
only problems that remained were with the API. I guess there's a lot of
history there, but inconsistencies in it make it a chore to learn. And when
you call a function potentially thousands of times, you can't tolerate the
pointlessly repeating "deprecated" dialog attached to many functions -- I
got it the first time: it's deprecated, but it's still there _now_.

If you have a list of what you feel are inconsistencies, make a not and send the information in a message to this list.

IIRC, you are seeing deprecation warnings mainly because you are using a development version of GIMP. Deprecation warnings would not appear in a normal release of GIMP. The deprecation warnings tell you that you need to update your script due to changes in the API. If the warnings are coming from something that the Python binding is calling, please provide a list so the binding can be updated.


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