[Gimp-developer] on google+, gimp.org and black helicopters


After reading all kinds of "do this, don't do that" mails I think I
should clear some things up.

First of all, project websites and social networks are different
beasts. They impose different kinds of interactions. Hence saying
something like "oh noez, don't switch to google+" makes no sense

We will always maintain both the website and at least one of the
existing accounts on social networks, but they will provide different
info, both in size, topics and verbosity.

Currently we have an active G+ account (maintained by me mostly) and
we probably need a Facebook page, but I'm not ready to maintain it
right now, just like I'm not ready to maintain our presence in other
social networks such as LinkedIn or Diaspora, because I don't use them
actively, if at all.

If anyone who we know for a while is willing to take care of our
presence in other social networks, understands those networks  _and_
can maintain an account continuosly, please get in touch with me. If
there are existing influental accounts on other social networks,
likewise, please let me know so we could figure out how to link to

As for Google+ activity specifically, as long as the team is fine
about our presence there, the page will be maintained. Given that some
of other folks in the team use it, I don't see us closing the account
and abandoning the existing G+ community all of a sudden.

We also do not do evangelism. We are not some sort of FSF. Our
business is to friggin' provide the best free image manipulation
editor out there for people who do awesome designs, paintings and
photography. Don't expect us to lecture people about rights and

In other words, everyone has the right to disagree. The question is
whether you are in the talking business or in the doing business.

Alexandre Prokoudine

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