Re: [Gimp-developer] [Script-fu] How to convert a path to a selection?

On 12-03-01 01:01 AM, grafxuser wrote:
To achieve this I used the following code snippet
(let * ((v (gimp-vectors-import-from-file image filename FALSE
(gimp-vectors-to-selection v 2 TRUE FALSE 0 0)
All my attempts using the variable v directly or with various combinations
of car and cdr went wrong. Usually gimp-vectors-to-selection gave the error
'Invalid type for argument 1 to gimp-vectors-to-selection'. After all my
attempts I'm clueless now.

There is something strange going on here. One time when I tried it it worked when I changed the "v" reference in gimp-vectors-to-selection to "(car v)". It stopped working after a few tries.

Please bugzilla this so I can be reminded to investigate this further.

BTW, can I use the whole scheme language in Script-fu or are there any

There are some. Script-Fu mostly follows R4RS/R5RS. It doesn't support use of radix in number->string and string->number, or any of bignums, complex numbers, or any of the functions with *syntax* in the name (ie. syntax-rules or define-syntax) or other functions related to that. There are probably some other features not supported, or not fully compliant with the Scheme standard but I've already mentioned the main ones.


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