Re: [Gimp-developer] GIMP Python plugin that uses GEGL via pygegl

On 29 February 2012 17:31, <bootch nc rr com> wrote:
I want to write a GIMP Python plugin that uses GEGL via pygegl (a Python extension that wraps GEGL.)

It seems that neither the GIMP PDB nor PyGIMP has a method to get a TileManager.  You need a pointer to a TileManager as a parameter to gegl_node_new_child() when creating an input node connecting GEGL to a GIMP drawable.

I plan to modify PyGIMP to add drawable.getTileManager(), which would call gimp_drawable_get_tiles() and return the value as a Python long.  Then you could pass that as a parameter to pygegl.new_child().

Is there an easier way, or flaws in the design?
No - the fact is that PyGIMP was never updated to be able to co-operate with PyGegl -

So, please, if you can work around your issues by adding a new method to Pygimp drawable, open an issue at GIMP's bugzilla, and attach your patch there.

I never took some time to look at it in depth, but I think we could have a better integration if a Drawable object could have an ".as_gegl_source" method - which would return a pygegl node. (and raise an error if pygegl is not installed) -



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