Re: [Gimp-developer] Merge "Save a Copy" with "Export As" [was: Ditch the "Save a Copy" command (really)]

El 24/06/12 08:23, Tobias Oelgarte escribió:
Am 24.06.2012 04:48, schrieb Liam R E Quin:

Save changes the name from Untitled the first time you use it. Save As
and Save a Copy are the same except that Save As changes what Save will
do next time you use it, i.e. changes the current filename.

Save a Copy is useful, for example, for making periodic backups or
checkpoints, e.g. as part of a creative process.


I personally never use "save a copy". I just use "save as" and append a new version number to the document. If i look at Blender then they did go even a step further. There are small nice buttons "+" and "-" to increase/decrease the version number without typing.

Let's don't forget that the future of GIMP is a non-destructive workflow where probably the structure of the project files will make save and save a copy obsolete, since the "versions" of the file could be stored in the same internal nodetree as snapshots. Maybe we're taking this discussion too far. What we have now covers more or less both the new and old workflows (you can still change the CTRL+E shortcut to CTRL+S) and the new workflow seems to be better suited for that non-destructive future. I don't know how you guys feel about this, but I'd hate to see that future postponed because we can't agree about a couple of items in the file menu and their shortcuts.


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