Re: [Gimp-developer] Merge "Save a Copy" with "Export As" [was: Ditch the "Save a Copy" command (really)]

Am 24.06.2012 04:48, schrieb Liam R E Quin:

Save changes the name from Untitled the first time you use it. Save As
and Save a Copy are the same except that Save As changes what Save will
do next time you use it, i.e. changes the current filename.

Save a Copy is useful, for example, for making periodic backups or
checkpoints, e.g. as part of a creative process.


I personally never use "save a copy". I just use "save as" and append a new version number to the document. If i look at Blender then they did go even a step further. There are small nice buttons "+" and "-" to increase/decrease the version number without typing.

Tobias Oelgarte

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