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I'm new here, so first of all I would like to say it's a wonderful job that has been done in 2.8. Knowing a little bit of programming, I thought I might help with minor improvements to the software.

So, I came up with these little improvements to Gimp that would make it better, in my own point of view. I would like to share these suggestions to you, to see if they are really relevant. And I ask for your pardon if I am writing things that have already been discussed.

Here are the suggestions:

1- When you are using the scale or rotate tool and try to insert a guide, it doesn't close the tool.

2- add the option to snap guides at the border and/or center of layers bounds.

3 - add the option to autocrop layers to their limits (the same thing like when you do 'alpha to selection' then 'layers -> crop to selection') whenever you change it.

4 - add a checkbox button in the scale tool for scale from center. Maybe add also a keyboard shortcut for it.

For the fourth suggestion I saw an entry in bug list, where a complete system of anchor for scale was intended to be made. So this could be an temporary fix for something I think it's important. I know that you can scale from center using layer->scale layer, but I though "why scale tool don't do it?"

Also, as I said before, if you think any of the suggestions are good ones I could try to implement them myself. But I am really new here, so I think I would have to understand the code and the development proccess first. I could make it a plug-in or script, but if I am going to code it and it's relevant, I thought I might do it directly to the source code of the program. And, of course, it would be a great honor to contribute with a software and philosophy that I admire.

Thanks for the attention!


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