Re: [Gimp-developer] Merge "Save a Copy" with "Export As" [was: Ditch the "Save a Copy" command (really)]

While reading through the endless mails about the new Export and Save
(which btw I agree with the approach the devs have taken), it got me
thinking just the same.

Does Save a Copy still have a function, or is it just cluttering up the menu?

Personally I think it's just cluttering up the menu, and it can be
confusing to new users to tell the difference between Save As and Save
a Copy. Putting it under Export makes sense, even though, unlike the
other export file formats, it retains all the information in you file.

Like Liam said, it can be useful for making periodic backups, but you
could also use Save As to store new versions of your file or just use
Export with xcf support, which would function exactly like Save a Copy
does today. Or you could simply use an external tool, like your file
browser, a backup script, Subversion etc.

If we keep it or make it part of Export is not really a big deal, but
might be worth considering.


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