Re: [Gimp-developer] present xcf as what it is, a gimp project file format

On Sun, Jun 17, 2012 at 3:28 AM, Robert Krawitz wrote:

> It's designed for people who work on multiple layers and don't realize
> that saving in other formats destroys those layers.
> In 2.6, if you try to save an image with multiple layers as a JPEG, the
> save dialog warns you that you need to collapse them.  If you save a
> single layer image as a JPEG, no warning.
> That seems like reasonable behavior.  Forcing you to do something
> non-obvious in the case of doing a quick edit to a JPEG isn't.


I did say that professionals have been consistently approving the
change with few exceptions, didn't I? That is, the very same folks it
was designed for.

What is the reason for having an argument then? Do you think that if
you push hard enough, the team will say "Okay, we are reverting this
so you could finally stop bitching and cut us a slack"?

This is not going to work. You see, the harder you push, the less
people are inclined to continue the conversation. Maybe you could stop
pushing while it's still possible to have a conversation?

Alexandre Prokoudine

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