Re: [Gimp-developer] present xcf as what it is, a gimp project file format

rlk alum mit edu (2012-06-16 at 1928.37 -0400):
> > The current behavior is designed for people who work on multiple
> > layers and, generally, make the most of GIMP features. Noone says
> > you've got to love it. Feel free to hate it, just do it elsewhere.
> It's designed for people who work on multiple layers and don't realize
> that saving in other formats destroys those layers.
> In 2.6, if you try to save an image with multiple layers as a JPEG, the
> save dialog warns you that you need to collapse them.  If you save a
> single layer image as a JPEG, no warning.
> That seems like reasonable behavior.  Forcing you to do something
> non-obvious in the case of doing a quick edit to a JPEG isn't.

2.6 allows the following two workflows when putting data into storage:

A. The simple thing: Save (ie, PNG).

B. The keep lots of your work data, even when working also with
limited formats, way: Save (XCF) and in parallel Save a Copy (PNG).

At some point I thought that was the first steps to a better and
automated system, some kind of multiple save (like B, but once set up,
all the outputs would be updated automatically by a single save
trigger). Instead with 2.8 we got manual export. :(


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