Re: [Gimp-developer] new interaction project starting...

peter sikking wrote:

where can the tool options go? tell us about locations where the
toll options can live (multiples allowed).


here are two other ideas:

1. Place them in the context menu:
New structure of the right click context menu:
Tool options

for instance, if the current tool is the brush: "Brush options" or the like the Tool options tab with 'Status and Text' style Choosing this menu item will show the well-known tool options dialog at the mouse cursor.

2. Double-click
Simply double click on the tool icon in the toolbox will show the tool options dialog - this already happens. But if the tool options dialog is closed, it will be opened somewhere out of the users sight. New proposal: on doubleclick open the tool options dialog floating and located at the mouse cursor, if it isn't already visible.

Best regards,


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