[Gimp-developer] ANNOUNCE: Gimp User Manual 2.8.0 released


A new version of the user manual for GIMP 2.8.0 is released!

You can find the releases on our FTP server:

    (md5: d6e07a569fe4b3bb11aaf5630da2693b)

Users should wait until this release has been packaged in a pre-compiled
form for their platform. Find more information about our goals and how
you can help at http://docs.gimp.org.

At the point in time, we provide a nightly updated HTML version of the
user manual and PDFs of the quick reference. These show our current work
in progress.

We also include translations in this release, which are not complete. We
welcome everyone who can help completing translations.

Any enquiries, contributions and questions can be discussed on our
mailing list. You'll find a quick overview on how to help us on our
project page:


Thanks to everyone who contributed!

Happy GIMPing!
Roman Joost
www: http://www.romanofski.de
email: romanofski gimp org

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