[Gimp-developer] c2g improvements


I like the effect of c2g operation available in GIMP for a long time, lots of people use it for kind of "HDR" effect but I think it's nice way to increase local contrast of some specific areas of photo or add nice looking noise
However, the main problem of current implementation of c2g is its inefficiency, it takes a lot of time to process standard size photo.

I am author of delaboratory and I started implementing c2g-like operation in my project, after few days I was able to achieve something similar to GIMP/GeGL c2g but much faster.

I would like to implement something like that to GIMP. I don't want to modify existing c2g code, because I assume current implementation is well designed (mathematicaly) and should stay. So it would be nice to create something like "simple c2g" or "c2g lite" or just "local contrast boost" operation.

My question is - are you interested at all in this kind of code? Will it be accepted in GIMP? Because my main concern is that I don't want to implement something which will never be used. I am not aware of current state of project (I mean project management, not code) and I don't know what's the process of submitting code to GIMP/GeGL right now.

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