Re: [Gimp-developer] gimp 2.8 prohibitively slow

Alexandre - on this list many simply peoples (I mean not programmers
or tech addicted guys) just come to ask questions or talk about
problems they got using GIMP - they need simply answers. Generally
they just observe and ask, they don't bring accusations. 
Simply put - for John Doe - GIMP 2.8  (not 2.8.x) is slower than GIMP
2.6 or 2.7. This what any average GIMP user can observe withe a free

They simply don't use 2.8.x from Partha, they don't compile, they
don't follow the development progress - they just need a plain simple
answer to a simple question. I didn't say that GIMP is slow because of
GEGL (or GEGL is slow) I just explain that GIMP is in a transition to
a new graphic core and developers need bug reports if possible not
just words like " ..GIMP 2.8 is slow".Without a bug report or a test
case such affirmations are useless. That's all. You also use this kind
of tone in GIMP development related articles in libregraphicsworld,
and this is why I don't understand sometime your appetite for polemic.
I will never argue about "...GEGL is slow" - in fact in 2.8.1 GEGL
operations (such Gaussian Blur perform really fast [ ..using input
boxes not UI sliders ]).

> Meaning: "No developers know that, because your assumption about the
> transition effect is incorrect" :)

;) I will not comment this paragraph because using formal logic it's
easy (and persuasive also) to build an argumentation - but no-one need
that. We have better things to do. Let's end this out-of-topic
craziness here.

2012/7/20 Alexandre Prokoudine <alexandre prokoudine gmail com>:
> On Fri, Jul 20, 2012 at 1:04 AM, SorinN wrote:
>> Anyway, nothing is perfect, at least for you Alexandre - so let's
>> (unnecessary) complicate the topic, if not related to GEGL transition,
>> in a logical consecution next question is - why is slow then ?.
>>>I'd like to know what developers know that :)
>> Now this is the real point over the pretty letter I.
>> Well, you are free to ask them all -  who am I to stop you ?
>> Probably not just developers but all peoples who changed 2.6 for 2.8,
>> but go on, ask developers just to be sure.
> Let's try again:
> <irony>I'd like to know what developers know that :)</irony>
> Meaning: "No developers know that, because your assumption about the
> transition effect is incorrect" :)
> The bug is known, the fix isn't trivial, mitch didn't have the time to
> do it for 2.8.
> If anyone's willing to have a go at it, please join IRC to discuss it.
> Alexandre Prokoudine
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Nemes Ioan Sorin

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