Re: [Gimp-developer] gimp 2.8 prohibitively slow

seems that many peoples here don't get the fact that GIMP right now is
in a full transition to a new processing core for graphic operations

all developers know that GIMP 2.8 is slow now - compared with 2.6
...this is the transition cost

let's not transform this discussion in a 'GIMP 2.8 burn in hell...'

the initial topic was around GIMP 2.8 in old hardware and the
conclusion was pretty clear >> for old hardware use GIMP 2.6

if you have to report use cases for specific bugs - developers can use
your information in a positive way ..but just repeating "GIMP 2.8 is
way slow" is not the good way ..we already know that.

BTW - probably many of your GIMP speed problems are already patched in
trunk - they just can't trow a new build for every change...

2012/7/19 Tobias Oelgarte <tobias oelgarte googlemail com>:
> Am 19.07.2012 08:34, schrieb Michael Grosberg:
>> Aaron Paden<aaronbpaden<at>>  writes:
>>> So I mostly use MyPaint, but I'd like to be able to do some things in
>>> gimp, too. But gimp is way too slow on this computer. Especially trying
>>> to open large images like MyPaint encourages, I'll have to run to
>>> another tty to try and kill the process so I can continue to use my
>>> computer. I've got an old Pentium 4 with only about half a gig of RAM. A
>>> bit behind the times, but especially on Linux it's generally fast enough
>>> to get the job done.
>>> Is there anything I can do to help improve performance? I don't have
>>> much experience. I doubt I could write anything any faster. But maybe I
>>> can do something to help identify bottlenecks? Anything I can do to
>>> help, I'm game.
>> You know, when you have a system that's probably 12 years old, it's good
>> form
>> to start by saying that you have one instead of complaining that an
>> application
>> developed in 2012 is "prohibitively slow". For example, you could use the
>> subject
>> line "running Gimp on an old PC". Just saying.
> There is also a huge difference even on newer systems. If i compare how
> applications handle things, then Gimp 2.8 is currently on the top spot of
> being the slowest, most memory intensive graphic program. 2.6 is way faster,
> but still slow compared to other applications like myPaint. Overall i see
> various performance issues. If Gimp would be written in Java or Python then
> i would not complain so much...
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