Re: [Gimp-developer] gimp 2.8 prohibitively slow


The problem anyway is with the right GIMP version - not strict related
to the computer power
I have 2 computers
first - 32bit architecture, Intel  Quad core with 4 Gb RAM + 1Gb RAM
second - 64bit architecture with 8 processing cores with 8 Gb RAM +
1Gb RAM Nvidia video card

on both of them GIMP 2.6 can load big images without problems
on the first computer GIMP 2.8 can't load a file bigger than 750MB
but I've made that big file with GIMP 2.6 (in pixels was 53.000 x
33.000) with an Intel Dual core.

So if you really want to use GIMP for big images use GIMP 2.6 and your
problems are gone.

2012/7/19 Aaron Paden <aaronbpaden gmail com>:
> On 07/19/2012 02:28 AM, wwp wrote:
>> even though when attempting to process image/data files
>> that are, say, "modern". The OP didn't mention precisely how big they
>> are ("trying to open large images like MyPaint encourages"), but I
>> presume they are way bigger than image sizes that were conventional in
>> the times P4 + 512Go RAM were common.
>> How big are they, Aaron?
> MyPaint encourages large images because of the infinite canvas. It adds up
> pretty quickly. The largest one I was using to test gimp was 8960x9088. Just
> some doodles. More me testing the limits of gimp on my computer than trying
> to do something useful in that case. Gimp was unusably slow no matter what
> size image I use, but Liam's suggestions have made things much more
> manageable.
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