[Gimp-developer] Purple fringing removal extension


I am totally new here but I wrote a standalone program that does a
decent job of removing purple fringing from photos, and I would like to
be able to implement the same functionality for Gimp.

Here are some examples of what it does:


My algorithm needs to perform pixelwise operations (+, -, min, max
between two channels; scaling of one channel) but I also would prefer
something that is easy to install (for users) and easy to maintain (for me).

The OCaml source code is here; it should give an idea of what's needed:


(see functions make_purple_blur and remove_purple_blur, lines 103-177)

My questions are:

1. Is it possible to do that using a Gimp script?

2. If so, Scheme or Python?

3. If a plugin makes more sense, will average users be able to install
it for themselves or would I have to wait for the inclusion in some
standard precompiled distribution?

Also, please let me know if you're interested in the tool or if you know
something that is already usable from within Gimp. The results obtained
with Darla's purple fringe script
(http://www.farcrydesign.com/GIMP/PurpleFringe.html) were too
disapppointing, and my recent camera's built-in chromatic aberration
correction doesn't do much either (Sony NEX-5N).

Any sort of help is appreciated!



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