[Gimp-developer] Selection mode - change of behavior between 2.6 and 2.8

I got a complaint from a hard core artist today about a behavior that
changed between gimp2 .6 and 2.8
I was not aware of.  (And no, it does not absolutely have to do with
the file export options)

It has to do with the selection mode:
Once selected in the tool options, the "add to selection", "subtract
from selection" and "intersect with selection"
options where permanent until changed again - in GIMP 2.6.

In GIMP 2.8, the setting is reset with the selection. I.E. if the
selction is cleared,
the setting goes back to the default of "Replace selection".

This artist is complaining this breaks his workflow in a hard way.
(I mean: he relies on the setting remaining at "add to selection"
after clearing the selection)

Was this behavior change on purpose, or is this a bug on 2.8?
If on purpose, is there a rationale?

As a work-around for 2.10 we could create actions to set the mode with a
shortcut (so one could press ctrl+shift+a to clear the selection
followed by a configured shortcut
to turn the "add to selection" mode.)



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