Re: [Gimp-developer] Motion blur algorithms

May I ask why you are not simply using GEGL as the backend for you
application? It implements a large number of image processing
operations (every one you've asked about so far) and is designed to be

If there are issues which prevent you from using it we would love to
hear about it so we can improve the situation.

On 13/07/2012, Calculemus <calculemus1988 gmail com> wrote:
> Nope I am far from releasing :)
> Why GIMP? It is the only open source for this kinda thing I know.
> Easy to find papers, hmm? Ok, I am a student and need your advice
> on this. Let's say I want to find a paper on an algorithm which I know
> what it does, and that is all. Where do I search? I am member at
> but usually they have very advanced papers.

Jon Nordby -

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