Re: [Gimp-developer] how to modify precisely a guide position ?

gg catking net wrote:

The trouble with that is the level of control is fairly crude.

I hit this recently in the context of cropping out a section of an
image. I needed a 1024x1024 for an external FFT application. Doing that
with the mouse is not very realistic.

FWIW, I have two workarounds for this.

One is to create a new layer in the image, sizing the new layer to 1024 x 1024 (or whatever size needed, I change the opacity of the layer to a low enough value to be able to see the layer below, and move the to just the place I want it. Then I select the whole layer, and using the layer dialog, change the active layer to the layer containing the material I want, and crop the image to selection. Then finally, I delete the layer I added.

The other is to use the rectangle selection tool, and select the area in the approximate area I from which I want to extract material. I use the adjustment parts of the rectangle tool to adjust the size, and while one is adjusting, the size of the rectangle is shown in pixels. Then I either crop the image to the selection size, or copy the part of the image I want to the clipboard, and create a new image from the clipboard.

But I'd still like to have a keyboard shortcut to create a guide. There are sufficient number of occasions when I know I want a guide at a specific place, and it would be quicker to press a few keys, than move the mouse around.


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