Re: [Gimp-developer] GIMP 2.8 Feature Request (2)

On 01/04/12 17:05, Jay Smith wrote:
>> Along broad lines this workflow is or should be just as supported with
>> export as it is with save, just the command you invoke is slightly
>> different. There's one nag I wish was fixed with export. It should
>> default to input format for imported files. It's buggersome annoying
>> that it defaults to png.
> ??? Why has this not been fixed?  It is crazy to think that everybody
> wants to go to png.
> This is completely nuts!  I don't have the skills to contribute a fix
> for this, but surely somebody can (and should) before the next stable
> release.

Agreed , this should be fixed and would not be complicated to do.

The whole Export paradigm is only there to try to force users to do something someone else thinks they should be doing.

As long as there is an equally accessible and quick way to save just the way I opened a file that is not a major issue but personally I hate being lectured by software (in reality by developers who think they know better than I what I want/need to do).


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