Re: [Gimp-developer] GIMP 2.8 Feature Request (2)

b) This mechanism already exists. If you save with same parameters all
the time write/find a plugin that invokes the save with all the
parameters already set. You can just prompt for filename and even
manage folders automatically and save without any hassle. If you
havent done any scripting but have done programming, it shoudnt take
you more than 8 hours to churn out first version, less if you find a
good starting sample from google first.

Gee, _only_ 8 hours to get a first version.  It would be a _lot_ cheaper to buy Photoshop full version, except that we want to continue moving toward Linux.

Or post a request on the gimp plugin registry, at gimptalk, gug, gimpchat, or even the gimp-user list and one of the many folks out there who do write scripts could make one for you in a 10th that time.  I can think of a good half dozen folks (including myself) who regularly respond to such community requests.

Personally, I do support the save/export paradigm so I might be biased.

I've also written any number of export/batch conversion scripts to meet my needs and the needs of others, such as this one:

-Rob A>

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