Re: [Gimp-developer] GIMP UI quality opinion

On 12-02-17 19:42 , Aleksey Midenkov wrote:
'****** Big Mac already!'
That is one great piece of rubbish! :-) Because I'm telling about
mouse-clicks from my personal experience. And I know about how much
time they take because I'm using a lot of many different GUI. And when
the GUI demands many mouse clicks, I note the inconvenience right
away. This is my personal experience as of user of graphical
environments for 15 years. And this poem looks like the training in
essay skills.

Personally, I am glad to learn from your correspondence so far that there is a substantial experience, skill and a keen eye behind your opinion. My eloquence is oftentimes substandard and yes, from my humble experience, verbal communication can be very misleading when discussing interactions.

Rudeness aside, we should keep an open mind. So, if you would be so kind, time permitting of course, please contribute at least a simplest sketch that clearly articulates the toolbars you have in mind. Add text, diagrams, animations, comics, color coding, acting, anything that would help me/us to understand your idea of workflow. It would be awesome if you could put that sketch in coherence with current GIMP efforts and other GIMP functions. Try imagining various scenarios (there are some GIMP user scenarios online you can use) that show how your idea would help other people achieve more, too. Try to imagine how can a person manage the toolbars (both on-screen and in a sense of creating, storing, 'juggling'). Jump over to user mailing lists or forums, see how your idea flies, consider the praises and critique rationally...

With so much experience and bravado, it will be the easiest thing to do. And will not take a lot of your time, I am sure.

Until then, add me to those magical 7.



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