[Gimp-developer] Help with a Gimp 2.10 question


I have a question I hope you could answer me.

Recently a nice proyect have been proposed to me. I will participate as a teacher in a special course a spanish University will offer next year. The course is tittled "Management Specialist of photographic funds" and it will be instruct about old photograhs management and treatment. I will be in charge of the "graphical restoring" part of the course, and I will use Gimp to teach students.

The thing is the course it will be higly professional and it will be nice to use 16bit chanels colors to work with the scanned photos. The photos will be retouched belongs a real photographic found and will be digitalized and included in the official public database, so a great accuracy is mandatory.

I know the next Gimp version will brings us a great 16bit and some more color modes. It will be great that the new version will be out before the course starts.

The question is ¿When it is planned to be released the 2.10 Gimp version?

The course will starts over september 2013, but the agenda must be closed over april 2013, so if I want to use Gimp I need the 16bit channels feature before april.

It will be great to use Gimp, cause the course is a great opportunity to popularize its use, but if 2.10 Gimp version will be released after april, I think I must have to use other software like Photivo, Darktable or similar who can work with more bit per channel.

What do you think? It will be possible to use Gimp in the course? Will 2.10 be published at time?
Any information and suggestion will be appreciated. ;)

Thank you and excuse my poor english. ;)
jEsuSdA 8)

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