Re: [Gimp-developer] Reading and saving of 3D MPO files in GIMP

With such a clarification, there shouldn't be any reason to use the
code as the basis for a GIMP plugin or patch.
g>  Did I get you right? If the code wouldn't be used in GIMP, why then
g>  any clarification is needed?
g>  Could you please clarify this? ;-)

If the code -- or a derivative thereof -- would not be used in GIMP,
then why did the first reply suggest (needlessly) trying to get the
code relicensed as GPL3?

So, this seems to be a misunderstanding.
I meant: if the existing MPOsplits code - or a derivative thereof - would be integrated into GIMP, then there could be a problem due to incompatible licenses (BSD-style vs. GPL 3). So then there were two possibilities: either the MPOsplits author decides to publish his program under GPL v3 or another GPLv3-compatible license or - even simpler - Albrecht asks him for clarification which 'BSD-style license' he exactly means and depending on this answer a developer decides to use the existing code or not. I agree with you for the case that MPOsplits original or derivative code is not integrated into GIMP and both programs would stay standalone products.
Then this clarification would be needless.

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