Re: [Gimp-developer] Reading and saving of 3D MPO files in GIMP


>Is it possible to implement an import filter which reads the MPO file and loads the right picture as layer 1 and the left picture as layer 2, for example? >The advantage of this would be that the right and left picture are edited simultaneously in the same way when I edit a 3D picture. This sounds like a nice idea and offers new possibilities in photo editing and doing artwork with GIMP. If there are no other convincing answers which keep you off, file an enhancement request in Bugzilla. If then, there should be an MPO export plug-in, too. Maybe somebody will be willing to implement it sooner or later.

> On this site ( there is a sourcecode which splits the MPO file in two JPEG files. As far as I can see, it is under a BSD-style license. GIMP is GPL v3, isn't it? This might cause license issues, as they can be incompatible, see But perhaps the author is willing to choose a GPL compatible license or somebody else uses the official MPO specification to write an MPO import plug-in for GIMP.

Best regards.

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